Thursday, November 02, 2006


Is this the stupidest eBay auction ever?


Billy said...

'tis mindblowingly stupid.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, is it stupid for placing it for auction? or only if someone buys it?

seems to be a few similar ones for sale.

pandaobscura said...

I don't know! I would say stupid for placing it, but people were bidding, so maybe not. Definitely stupid for buying though... Who in their right mind?

Other funny auctions: When new systems come out, you'll always see a bunch of "[console name] box" being auctioned (i.e. an empty cardboard box). The amount of people that fall for it is just astonishing. And there's nothing they can do, because it says exactly what they're buying.

Anonymous said...

haha, i saw another one that was like the flux capacitor from back to the future - hold on, let me see if i can find it - nup, been archived by outlook whatever the fuck that means, but oooh, someone actually bought this piece of crap though!
but it was very entertaining reading the speil about it, a lot of effort went into it.
no i don't go searching ebay for flux capacitors either, it was emailed to me... come to think of it, i bet it was YOU that emailed it!! :P

pandaobscura said...

It wasn't me, but that is funny. And hey, I'd like a flux capacitor. What's wrong with buying that? ;)