Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Spinning around

Of note:

John Howard, on Sydney ABC radio yesterday, is flattered to be considered the Kylie Minogue of Australian politics:

VIRGINIA Trioli: You've been called today in The Australian not the Placido Domingo of Australian politics like your predecessor, but instead the Kylie Minogue of politics.

Howard: Oh, yeah.

Trioli: Here's the quote. "Her music is safe and predictable which is exactly what John Howard tries to be." Now how do you feel about that?

Howard: Well, if the Australian people believe that the Government I lead has given them a sense of safety and predictability, well I am not ashamed of that. I try to do that. It is part of my job to make the country safe and to give people's lives a sense of predictability. And the low unemployment, the still very low interest rates, the strong economic growth, the greater support for families, particularly middle Australian families, has made Australians lives safer and more predictable and I am proud of that.

Trioli: The Kylie Minogue comparison, though, would never have occurred to you in a million years, would it?

Howard: No, but I'm not, I mean I am certainly not offended. I am flattered. She's a far more, she's a very popular talent and entertainer. I am a, I hope, a safe, predictable, serious, committed Prime Minister.

Trioli: I am resisting the urge here to make some gag about gold hotpants. I just won't go there, Prime Minister.

Howard: No, I think that's wise.

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