Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Guantanamo gulags?

Democrats Senator Natasha Stott Despoja is normally right on the ball, but today's press release was just a touch on the dramatic side.

David Hicks' incarceration in Guantanamo Bay is a shameful display of the hegemonic power and arrogance that the United States wields over the rest of the world, and our own government's lack of action on the matter is just as disgusting. But to compare the prison - admittedly second rate and probably even a haven for torture - to the Soviet gulags is not only inaccurate, but insulting to anybody who had to endure their horror.

In Stalin's gulags it is estimated that a quarter of the approximately twenty-five million prisoners (some estimates put the figure as high as fifty million - most of them innocent, jailed only due to the fact that Stalin, with his feeble understanding of how to run a country properly, needed their labour, or persecuted for their religious beliefs) died, and the conditions were almost impossibly grim.

I'm the first to criticise America and their policies, but hyperbole and exaggeration won't get the cause anywhere - Stott Despoja normally knows this better than anyone.


liz from BL (the weirdo) said...

HI Im Liz and I am READING YOUR BLOG!!! I also read your live journal and also wonder every now and then how you are doing even without reading anything of yours- so wheres my kudos?

Butros said...

Hmm, well technically "by law" the americans can torture the fuck out of anybody they want to that reside in Guantanamo Bay...

I'm not agreeing with this, I'm merely stating why.

See, due to the bizarre way it came into being, by international law Guantanamo Bay does not exist and therefore anything done there that would usually break the Geneva Conventions or other treaties doesn't, so it's a good place for America (as they see it) to hold political prisoners and prisoners of war as they can do what they want to them without fear of reprisals by the U.N.

anonymous said...

I am reading your blog too.

pandaobscura said...

Hi Liz :) (and anonymous! :P)

Butros: I know, I just guess it's important to bring up the obvious hypocrisies between law and morality that inevitably exist - and seem to exist somewhat substantially more often when Americans are involved.