Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Millions of Iraqis marking their liberty

No, really. According to Dubya, there's cause for optimism in Iraq. Sure, tens of thousands are dead, there's daily rioting, unrest and suicide bombings, but the thing to remember is that "millions of Iraqis [have marked] their liberty with purple ink," and of course it wouldn't be at all possible if it weren't for those lovely, inspiring murderers of the United States Military.

An Iraqi prisoner bows down, thanking the nice American soldier for his newfound liberty

And so Saddam Hussein was given a choice. He chose war. And so we moved and he was removed from power. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, America is safer for it, and the world is better off without Saddam Hussein.

- said Bush...

And there's something you don't want to forget either. This is Saddam's war. (Against terror? No, wait, he was for terror, wasn't he? All those weapons of mass destruction and the like. So tough to remember the details these days - though I guess that's never stopped Bush.)

Anyway, it turns out that Iraq is at a "moment of choosing" this week, which sure is generous of good old George, since he's been so big on Iraqi rights so far. Luckily though, Bush is optimistic, informing us that his optimism is based on solid grounds, and that "the Iraqi people have spoken".

Forgive me, but I guess I've just been having trouble hearing them speak over all that bombing - and of course the rhetoric that spills forth daily from Bush's own mouth.

But I'll have to take his word for it, I guess. This is liberation, right?

Er... Freedom?

GWB - 'America is safer for it'

GWB - 'The world is better off without Saddam Hussein'


Anonymous said...

bad bad bad bad!!!!

it's all bad, and for what? FUCKING *HIGHER* PETROL PRICES. has there been any good from this? maybe saddam is out, yeah. but not really worth all the death and the, more death huh?

those pictures are real disgusting. should have a content warning up??

pandaobscura said...

Yep, needs a warning like those Iraqis need more you-and-your-family-are-about-to-die-now warnings.

But no, I do agree - just I think it would defeat the purpose.

It's tough to say what the benefit here is. Saddam being out (and the want to get him out) is undeniably good, but at what price? Death, like you say. It's not even as if the democracy experiment is working - as the Sunni and Shiite conflict demonstrates, this is not a country that is taking kindly to democracy.

rui said...

These dudes are good at their humiliation. Having "I AM A RAPEIST" emblazened on your upper thigh is only going to compact the humiliation of being opressed by morons that obviously need to be hit with the spelling bat.

The whole thing is just hideous.

Imagine if all the money for the war had been put into funding into RnD for alternate energy sources.